Let Yourself Feel

I read a post on Facebook this week that got to me. 

A lady was posting to say that she had lost her job due to coronavirus, and her adult son was terminally ill.

There were lots of responses to her plea for help with coping, and there was a common theme – Think Positively!

Now, I’m all for thinking positively, and believe that a positive mindset can make a real difference.  However, when someone is suffering as much as she clearly is, then simply saying to think positively isn’t helpful. 

There is definitely a place when positivity is beneficial.  But, it is also important to acknowledge and recognise pain.  Denying negative emotions simply supresses them and can cause them to increase in strength or leak out in ways that further hurts us and our family.

For the big emotional situations that life throws at us, we need to allow ourselves to feel, to work through the pain and let it out.  It’s ok to feel pain when something painful is happening.

Scream, cry, let it all out.  Don’t hold it in and allow it to become toxic.

Doing some positive things in difficult times can help to lift our spirits, but don’t put a brave face on and cover up your feelings.  Accept them for what they are.

Let yourself feel – that’s what makes us human – and don’t feel that you have to be smiling all of the time.

Let Yourself Feel
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