You Can’t Be Anything That You Want To Be

I often hear the phrase – ‘You can be anything that you want to be’ and I bet you have too.

Now, this may not be a popular opinion, but I disagree with it and wish we didn’t keep saying it, because we can’t all be whatever we want to be.

For example, I can’t be a pilot because my eyes aren’t good enough and I certainly can’t be a singer (although this has nothing to do with my eyes)!  Two of my children can’t go to university due to their learning disabilities. 

We can, however, be everything that we are. 

Our society tends to focus on strengthening our weaknesses rather than building up our strengths.  So, if a student was getting good grades in most subjects, but failing in one, the focus would be to improve the failing subject rather than getting even better grades in the other subjects.  Why?  Because we are focusing on weaknesses rather than strengths.  This just leads to us feeling frustrated and that we are failing.

We can’t all be the same – which is a great thing – as we all have different gifts.  So, let’s shift our thinking from trying to achieve in all areas, and focus on what are our strengths, gifts and skills.

It is because we are different, that we can’t be anything that we want to be.  But rather than fighting this, focusing on our weaknesses and trying to be the same, let’s celebrate the unique skills and strengths we have.

Don’t beat yourself up for things that you struggle with, but play to your strengths and enjoy using them.

Take some time to think about what your gifts are, then strengthen them, use them and enjoy them.

When you use your gifts, you feel happier and more fulfilled.

So, don’t focus on what you can’t be, but focus on being everything that you are.

You Can’t Be Anything That You Want To Be
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