The 2022 Planner & Journal

This 2022 Journal & Planner contains over 60 pages to help you not only organise your year but to help your wellbeing and self-care too.

With pages to plan, daily to do lists, goals to write down, journaling pages and so much more, every day is a step on the journey to a new you.

Uniquely and beautifully designed, this Planner & Journal contains everything that you need for 2022.

Available today at the very special price of £4.99.

The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums - 52 affirmation cards

52 affirmation cards for mums to feel more positive, calmer and inspired every day.

Designed with 13 beautiful watercolor illustrations by Fiona Meakin, each of the 52 cards offers an inspiring affirmation to support and uplift any mum every day.

Perfect if you are wanting to add some positivity into your life or for a present for an amazing mum who you know.

The Self-Respect and Self-Compassion Handbook

As a mum, we often struggle to find the time and energy to focus on ourselves.  Yet, making space and prioritising ourselves allows us to live our lives completely and wholeheartedly.

This handbook is jam-packed with ideas, exercises and suggestions to help you have more self-respect and self-compassion for yourself.  Be the role model that your children need by treating yourself how you want them to treat themselves.

Just a few minutes each day can make a massive difference to you and those around you.

If Love Hurts

Sometimes being in a relationship makes us feel hurt. Sometimes a relationship makes us feel as though we are lonely, confused or as though we are going mad. Some relationships lead us to walk on eggshells or have a knot in our stomach.

‘If Love Hurts’ is packed full of information and the author’s personal accounts to help anyone who is hurting in love so you can understand your relationship and stop hurting.

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7 Secrets to Connecting and Communicating with Your Teenager

If you want to improve your relationship with your teenager, then this is a must!

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