Do you want to feel

less Stressed, Resentful or Overwhelmed?

Are you ready to feel happier, more present and calmer?

You know the type of mum who you want to be. 

You can picture it, but you often feel far from the mum that you want to be.

You are left at the end of the day feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. 

That’s not how you want to feel.  Yet, you don’t know what to do to change things.

You have so much on your plate – a house, work, children, partner, family, friends – that it often feels too much.

But you also tell yourself that this is just the way that it is – it is just life when you’re a mum.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Imagine feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed and less frustrated.

How will life seem different?

  • You will feel happier and calmer
  • Your household will be happier and calmer
  • You will enjoy motherhood more
  • You will be more present with your children
  • You will feel empowered to make decisions confidently
  • You will be an inspiration to your children

When you have self-respect and self-compassion for yourself,
it filters down from you to your children.

You become the person that you are happy with
and your children get the parent that they deserve.

Hi, I’m Janette

I am a mum of 8 children – yes you read that right!!! 

So I know how it feels to be a parent – the crazy rollercoaster of emotions that it can be. 

I have often felt overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed, trying to juggle so much that there was no time for me –  I was exhausted.

I was the one who needed change – not my parenting skills or my children.

With small but powerful changes in my life, I became happier, more relaxed and could manage the daily motherhood stresses.  As a result, everyone was happier.

This is why I have created The Self-Respect and Self-Compassion Handbook – so that other mums can alsofeel calmer, empowered, confident, resilient and be happier.

I have experienced the shift – now you can too.

This Handbook will help you to.......

Feel more connected

Feel more connected to yourself as a person so that you will increase your self belief which means that you will become more confident and resilient as a person and as a mum.

feel calmer

React to situations in a calmer manner so that you aren’t shouting at your children which means that your whole house will become a more gentle and secure place.

increase your self-love

Increase your own self-love so that you can take better care of yourself, have a more fulfilling life, be more confident and have healthy boudaries. It reduces the guilt, frustration and resentment that we often feel as mums, so that we are a happier and calmer parent.

be positive and happy

Know how to find positivity and happiness in a range of moments so that you can leave overwhelm and stress behind which means that you can enjoy time with your family.

manage your time

Have practical tools to help you manage your time better so that you will be less stressed which means that you will be happier and calmer for your children.

be an inspiration for your children

Children copy the behaviour and words that they seem around them, so if you want them to be able to accpet themselves as they are, have self-respect for themselves and be compasionate to themselves, then you need to inspire them by doing it first.

Centred, Confident and Compassionate

I would love for all women to allow themselves to realise their unique strengths and gifts,

to treat themselves as they treat their best friend and to not feel guilty for taking time for themselves.


So many women nurture and care for everyone around them, putting themselves last,

which can lead to resentment, overwhelm and frustration.


Imagine what your life would be like if you accepted yourself fully, celebrated your gifts,

had the confidence to fully embrace and be compassionate to yourself.

Wanting support on your journey?

The Mums’ Movement Facebook Community is a 100% heart-centred, fun-loving, inspirational community of women who believe in building others up and lifting each other up!

We believe in ditching the mask, the expectations and comparisons and making this journey together.

How is this handbook different?

Unlike many other resources out there, this combines practical tools with mindset techniques to create massive shifts in your life that will make a difference to you and your family.

It focuses on you as a person rather than you as a mum or your child, so that you can reconnect to the powerful woman within to make positive changes in your life.

The activites and prompts in this handbook will provide opportunities for reflection and healing, but ultimately, they will help you to grow and flourish as a unique and individual woman.


This Self-Respect and Self-Compassion Handbook is for you if....

This Self-Respect and Self-Compassion Handbook is not for you if...

If you’ve read this far, you owe it to yourself and your family to make a change.

You want to feel less stressed.  You want to fully enjoy life.  You want to feel more empowered and confident.  You want to be the best mum that you can be.   You want your children to have a calm, unstressed and empowered parent.  You want your family to be full of love.

But, do you know …

It starts with you.  The more you love yourself, take care of yourself and let go of stress and overwhelm, the more that this cascades down to your family, increasing your family’s happiness.

You deserve this.  Your family deserve this.

Get this powerful bundle that will help you to improve yours and your family’s life.


I know that as a mum, you don’t have lots of spare time in a day, but even if you spend just 10 minutes a day on yourself, it will make a difference to you and your children.

A  mother who looks after herself and her needs, who is calm, who takes care of herself and who feeds herself with love, is a mother who is happy.

When you purchase this toolkit, you will receive an invite to my Mums’ Community Group where you will find other parents and myself to support you on your journey.

You will receive a pdf download link when you have purchased the Self-Respect and Self-Compassion Handbook so that you can easily download it and save it or print it.

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