Speaker and Trainer

Having overcome the adversity of mental health issues, the stigma of being a teenage parent, domestic abuse, false accusations, and being a single parent, I have a wealth of experiences to draw upon when I talk about overcoming the storms of life.

With 11 years experience as a teacher, I am a confident, engaging and passionate speaker and trainer who inspires and motivates my audience through thought-provoking talks that centre around my Breakthrough System.

Inspirational and Empowering

Using my own experiences of overcoming adversity, I bring truth, powerful examples and an authentic touch to my talks.

But, I don’t believe that just talking will make real changes, so I also give plenty of practical advice that anyone can implement.

I inspire and empower my audience to shift their perspectives and take action to increase resilience, confidence and self-love.

I am available to talk in schools or to businesses, in front of an intimate 50-100 right through to over 3,000.

To find out more information, please get in touch – [email protected]

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