Mum Guilt

Do you find yourself juggling several balls and feeling as though you are dropping all of them?

I used to feel like this all of the time, and still do on some days. 

As it’s the summer holidays now, I feel extra pressure to keep the kids amused and happy.  To take them out to places and do activities with them so that they are not glued to a mobile or xbox.  But, there are so many other things to do as well.

My husband is renovating the house and often needs me to give him a hand when it’s a two person job, my mum is at home and very bored and wants me to do things with her, and I have work to do as well as housework, food shopping etc.

The guilt of not being able to do any one of these things effectively has been there recently.  But, I have also realised that no matter how much guilt I am feeling, I am still only able to do the same amount each day.  I still can’t split myself into as many people as I would like or create more hours in the day. 

Guilt simply doesn’t change what I can or can’t do.  It also doesn’t erase my mistakes from the past or makes me a better person.

Guilt just makes me feel worse, lowers my energy levels and makes me and my day worse.

So, this week, I told myself that I was not going to let guilt in anymore.  Every time that I started to feel that emotion creeping in, I said stop and thought about something that I am good at instead.  It has made a big difference.  I feel happier and calmer.

Saying that, I still haven’t managed to split myself or add extra hours to the day, but I am enough and what I do each day is enough.

Stop the guilt and be enough.

Mum Guilt
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