Want Things to Change?

Do you often wish your child, your partner, the Government, your boss etc would change?

The trouble is that we can’t change them.   And trying leads to frustration and resentment.

The only person that we can change is ourselves.

But, I bet you have done the same as me, made New Year resolutions but didn’t make it into February.  This is because we don’t make the internal changes that are necessary.

We say that we want to be fitter, or change the way we parent, or pay off debts, but we don’t make the internal change or take the action.  We want the results but without making a change.

To change ourselves internally, we need to change our thoughts. 

Rather than saying, ‘I want to get fitter’, say to yourself, ‘I am healthy and enjoy exercising.’ 

The first thought tells yourself that you are unfit and need to do a lot of work to get fit.  That instantly puts us off and our mind will resist wanting to change.

The second thought tells yourself that you are able to do exercise because you are healthy and it will be enjoyable.  Your mind won’t resist this because you have replaced it with positive connections.

Once we made internal changes by altering our thoughts and beliefs, we need to take action.  We can’t expect to see a change if we don’t do anything.  That would be like reading the same book every day and wondering why we aren’t learning anything new.

Change can only come from you and to make change, you need to change yourself internally and take action.

What would you like to do change in your life?  What would you like to be different by the end of this year compared to last year?  Are you willing to do it?

Make one small change today and see it amplify in your life.

Want Things to Change?
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