Belief can change our views of ourselves and those around us.  When we believe in ourselves, amazing things happen.

No matter what crazy dream you have inside of you or what fantastic goal you have set yourself, believe that you can do it.

Believing in yourself motivates you to achieve more because you know that you can do it.  

If you start to doubt yourself, just remember what problems or difficulties you have already overcome.  I am sure that you have had a hard situation and have come through the other side.  If you can do that, you can do it again.

Did you know that everyone has doubts and fears?  Even those who seem so confident and successful.  The difference is that they don’t listen to their doubts and fears.  Their belief in themselves pushes out any negative thoughts.  That’s what makes them confident and successful – their belief is stronger than their fears.  It isn’t anything complicated – just a belief in themselves.

You are unique.  You have your own unique skills and talents.  Stop comparing yourself to others and believe in your own abilities.  By focusing on what you can do and believing that you can make in difference in the world with these skills, you can fulfil your purpose.

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.  

It is easy to wait until someone believes in you first so that you can agree with them, but belief in yourself comes from within you, not someone else.  And once you believe in yourself, those around you will notice and also believe in you.  It is a domino effect, but it starts with you.

Believe in yourself and achieve more.

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