20 Ideas to Lift You Up if You are Feeling Low

You know when you’re having one of those days when your mood is low and you can’t motivate yourself?  We all have those days, but here is my list of suggestions to lift your mood: 

  1. Have a bath. Put some salts or a bath bomb in that bath to make it a bit more special.
  2. Pop on some lively music and sing or dance to it.
  3. Do some decluttering – a tidy house always makes me feel better.
  4. Have a phone call with your best friend.
  5. Stretch. Go for a walk.  Do yoga. 
  6. Guided meditation is a way to meditate while following someone else’s voice. I have some on my Facebook Groups – check out the parent’s pages for links.
  7. Do some craft, art, sewing or knitting.
  8. Create/listen to an uplifting playlist.
  9. Watch a comedy.
  10. Read a book.
  11. Journal your feelings.
  12. Take a hot shower.
  13. Stroke your pet – if you have one.
  14. Go for a walk in nature and really look around you at the beauty.
  15. Do some gardening.
  16. Pop on your pyjamas on and snuggle up under a blanket.
  17. Do a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or a puzzle.
  18. Cook a new recipe.
  19. Put on a face mask, paint your nails or give yourself some other beauty treat.
  20. Burn a scented candle.
20 Ideas to Lift You Up if You are Feeling Low
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