The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums – 52 affirmation cards

The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums – 52 affirmation cards

Each deck of ‘The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums’ contains 52 beautifully designed cards with inspiring and uplifting affirmations and comes in a metal tin box to protect them.  Perfect as a gift to yourself or for a mum that you know.

The packs of cards now come with the option of including a beautiful rose quartz crystal (see the images).  It is called the ‘love stone’ and it helps the user feel a sense of self-worth and self-love, as well as being a calming and reassuring crystal.  Perfect for mums.  You can choose to order the pack with or without the rose quartz crystal from the dropdown.





We know that being a mum can come with its highs as well as its challenges, so we have created this deck to give mums some positivity each day.

Being a mum means that it can be difficult to find some time to take care of yourself as well as your family, but it is so important that you fill your cup first.  Reading an inspiring affirmation each day is an effective way to boost your self-worth and self-love.

The words and art are loving reminders that you are worthy, lovable and enough, just as you are.  As you read them, let them fill you up with joy, inner peace and strength each day.

Designed with 13 beautiful watercolor illustrations by Fiona Meakin, each of the 52 cards offers an inspiring affirmation to support and guide you. Anytime you want to feel uplifted, simply shuffle the deck, choose a card, and have faith in the words that you receive.

These are perfect for a present for a baby shower, new mum, Mother’s Day, Christmas or her birthday.  Show her that she matters and deserves something just for her.

The cards are 10.5cm x 8cm and the tin box to hold them in and protect them is 12.5cm x 9cm.

Delivery will be between 7-10 days of ordering.



The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums – 52 affirmation cards

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The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums

Without rose quartz crystal, With rose quartz crystal

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