Do you ever feel like escaping to a deserted island?

I’m Janette Bowhay, a mum of 8 children, author, teacher, and coach, and I have definitely felt this way.

A year ago, through my own personal journey, as well as my work with hundred of mums, I had a lightbulb moment.  

I was struggling with the daily tasks, let alone any further issues that come up, and the general feelings of being tired, stressed and overwhelmed were prominent in my life.  This wasn’t how I wanted to live, and neither did any of the women that I worked with. 

I tried personal development books, self-care, positive thinking, meditation, journalling, and even short courses so that I could feel on top of everything and feel confident and calm within myself.  They all worked for a while, but not for long enough and I grew more frustrated.

It was then that I realised that none of these were fixing the root of the issues.  Further work and exploration hasled me to believe that there are 5 areas that, as women and mums, are negatively impacting our lives. 

I call these the 5 Entwining Shackles because they entwine us and tie us down so that we can’t live the life that we truly want.

These five are: Relationships, Masks & Worth, Expectations, Time & Energy, and Emotions. 

Our daily life struggles all fall into these 5 – how simple is that?!  And the really great thing is that there are simple fixes for these, that actually work, unlike the quick fixes that I tried in the past.

Take this 10 question quiz to uncover your primary shackle that is the root of your issues as well as getting some tips from me so that you are no longer too stressed, frustrated, or tired to enjoy your children.

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