Exam Stress and Anxiety Booklet

Exam Stress and Anxiety Booklet

If you feel stressed and anxious about exams, you are not alone.  It is very common, but there are also lots of techniques that you can use to help you to stay calm and positive.

This 24 page booklet contains a range of methods so that you can reduce your stress and anxiety, from understanding how you approach your exams to believing in yourself and managing panic.

These techniques work while you are revising for your exams and during the exams themselves so that you can reach your potential and take control.

Just purchase your booklet, print it out and start your exam success today.



A 24 page booklet to guide you become confident and in control for your exams by reducing stress and anxiety.

As well as a range of techniques, tips and suggestions, there are a range of questions and tasks to help you manage your emotions so that you can succeed in your exams.

Exam Stress and Anxiety Booklet
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