Quick Happiness Techniques

Quick Happines Techniques

Real life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine – rubbish things happen and you can’t change them – but you can be happier than you feel now.

You may be thinking that there’s a lot of stuff that is happening in your life at the moment that you can’t control, so you can’t feel happy.  There’s just too much stress and overwhelm. 

Accept that you can’t change what is going on around you because they are external to you.  

But you can change the way that you react and respond to those problems.

Happiness is a state of mind and you can change your state of mind.    

You can choose happiness.


accept emotions


Choosing happiness doesn’t mean ignoring or bottling up your negative emotions.  This can even make them worse.  Instead accept that they exist and accept how they are making you feel.  That doesn’t mean judging them, trying to analyse them or wallowing in them.

Acknowledge how you are feeling – I feel sad when my parents argue.  I feel jealous when my friends do things without me.  I feel angry about what she said.  But don’t try to over-think it.  Don’t think about why you are feeling that way, don’t replay events in your mind or think about past events.  Just accept the emotion that you are feeling right now.

Understand that the emotions you are feeling are normal and right for the situation, but the emotion is not you.  It doesn’t define you and it will pass. 




balloon release


There are a few ways that you can release the negative emotions to feel happy again.

  1.  Think about where it is in your body – is it in your head, your throat, your chest, your stomach?   Now, breathe deeply and, as you do, move the emotion through your body to your mouth until you can breathe it out.  Keep breathing in (as deep as you can), move the emotion through your body and breathe it out.  Do this for as long as you need to.
  2. Write it or draw it.  Letting it out on paper is a safe way to release negative emotions that can stop us feeling happy.  It doesn’t matter whether you write down the emotion – try describing the shape, colour and strength of the emotion – or whether you prefer to draw the emotion.  Whatever one you chose is right for you.
  3. Singing and dancing releases emotions as well as producing happy hormones.  So put your favourite music on and just let your self go.  
  4. Have a shower.  As the water washes over you, imagine those emotions being washed off you and down the drain.  When you start to feel as though those emotions have lessened, imagine the water containing beads off happiness that are filling you up.  just enjoy the sensation of warm happiness washing over you.






This probably sounds obvious, but doing something that you enjoy will make you happier.  Whether it is playing online games, reading a book, having a relaxing bath, treating yourself to a face mask and pamper, playing an instrument, kicking a football, lying in the sun or watching your favourite television programme.  

It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it engages you and makes you feel better inside.

The more that you do this, the more you will be aware of what works for you – what activities gives you enjoyment.






Surrounding ourselves and talking to people who understand and support us, is key to feeling happy.  

Having positive two-way friendships means that you can trust each other, laugh together, cry together and share news and feelings together.  Spending time with your friends makes you feel happier because you know that you’re not alone and they care.

So pick up the phone and give someone a call.  Tell them how you feel, listen to them and enjoy your friendship to give you a dose of happiness.






It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, but this doesn’t make us feel happy.  It just makes us have a low mood, maybe even feeling angry or resentful.

So, instead, let’s change the state of our mind to happiness.  Try to focus on what you have – no matter how small it is – even if your day is not the best.

Here are a few ideas of things that you can appreciate:

  • a home to live in
  • family and friends
  • enjoying watching a film
  • being able to go outside
  • someone listening to me
  • relaxing to music
  • winning at football
  • having possessions that make me smile

These are just a few examples and I am sure that once you start thinking, you will find more. 

Try to find three things every day to appreciate, and remember, focusing on the positives in your life will make you feel happier.






Exercise produces happy hormones – endorphins – so, to change your mood, get exercising.

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise, so long as you enjoy it.

So, grab your bike, kick a football, dance around the bedroom, go swimming, put your trainers on and have a run, play basketball. Get that pulse up and enjoy those happy hormones.


These are six quick techniques to help you feel happier.  Try them out and see how different you feel inside.

If you would like to learn more techniques and other ways that you can take control of your emotions to feel more positive, take a look at our resources or blog.

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