Parenting a Troubled Teenager Isn't Easy

If you are a parent, then you will know that it’s not always easy. 

But, if you know your child is hurting, worried, anxious or lacks confidence, it’s even harder.

You want to do so much to help them, to take away all their problems and see them smiling and happy again.  And you can help them by introducing them to MindZest.

MindZest can help teenagers with everyday anxieties and stresses to help them put it into perspective, to build their confidence and take manage their emotions.

We have resources, techniques, ideas and tips to help your child get back their zest for life.

How Can MindZest Help Your Teenager?


We have a wide range of downloadable resources to help your child on a daily basis, whether it is a revision planner, an appreciation sheet, a weekly planner, identifying their strengths or increasing their happiness.  There is a mixture of free and paid resources. 

Quick Start Techniques

Our quick start techniques are an ideal place to start to make positive changes. Techniques to improve happiness and confidence, feel calm , and reduce exam stress.​

Quick Exam Stress Techniques


If your teenager is looking for help in a particular area, then the blog is a great place to go.  It contains a range of techniques, ideas, and tips to improve different areas of their life from relationships to making positive changes to helping with anxiety.

Social Media

We all know that teenagers spend a lot of time on social media, which is why we have  even more positive ideas and quotes on Facebook, youtube and Instagram.  It’s also a great place for them to join in and share with their friends.

How Can MindZest Help You?

We have been parents of teenagers and know that there isn't much support out there. So we have created a Facebook page for you. Our MindZest for Parents Facebook page has a range of information and up to date resources so that you can find support for you as well as your teenager.

If you are a working parent and trying to juggle it all – home, work and a teenager – you may be feeling a bit frazzled at times.  We have created a short guide to help you juggle it all and feel less frazzled at the end of each day.  Just click on the link.

How Can You Help Your Teenager?

If you think that your teenager could benefit from MindZest, you can do a range of things:

  • Send them a link to the website pages that will help your child
  • Send them a link to any of our social media accounts
  • Download the resources that you think will help them, print them out and give them to your child
  • Buy the printable workbooks that suits your child’s needs
  • Read the blog articles yourself and talk to your child about the techniques

What Parents and Teenagers Say About MindZest

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