Our School Project

When I was at school, we had to take turns to look after the school hamster for a weekend.  Things seem to have chnaged though.

My seven year old cane out of school today holding a plant pot with some wet soil in it and a piece of paper.  We have a bean plant to nurture and look after.

I’m not dismissing the value of understanding about plants growing and what they need to do so.  But, I must admit that it made me laugh a bit that the hamster has now been replaced by a bean plant.  We even had instructions on how to take care of our little plant.

Now, I just hope that we don’t forget to water it, because it’s been left on a windowsill and isn’t doing anything exciting, as it’s just compost at the moment (unlike a hamster that has some entertainment value). 

We have to return it in two weeks time, so let’s see if our bean plant manages to survive.

Our School Project
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