Nobody is Perfect

Most of our anxieties and stresses come from thinking that we are not good enough.  That we need to do more before people will accept us.  That we need to improve something about us to make our life better.

It may be that we think we need better grades to get onto our chosen college course and without that, we won’t get a job that we like.

It may be that we think we need to be more attractive to have more friends, which would make us happier.

It may be that we think we need to be more extroverted to achieve great things in life.

The truth is that we are all unique.  We all have own skills and talents.  You may not have found your yet, but you will.  And it can be anything from making people laugh, being able to build other people up, or being a good team player to being a long distance runner, great at algebra or being able to solve problems.

However, you won’t be good at everything.  Nobody is.  Nobody is perfect.  Yet, so many of us strive to be perfect at everything, even though we will never get there.

Wasting time and energy on trying to be perfect, just makes people unhappy.  They are trying to run a race that has no finishing line, because it is impossible to reach their goal of perfection.

If you believe that you will be happy when you look perfect, get perfect grades, have perfect friends, or can act perfectly, then you are going to be very disappointed and constantly unhappy.

Accept yourself for who you are.  Appreciate the skills and talents that you do have – writing them down would be a great reminder of your uniqueness.  Build on your skills and talents and don’t worry about being perfect. 

Perfection is just an illusion.

Nobody is Perfect
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