Love Believe and Thrive


You Are Ready

You are here because you are ready for change.  You generally feel alright but deep down, you know that things could be better.  You know that you could be happier, enjoy your life and your children more, but you’re not sure how.  Maybe you’ve tried new hobbies, listened to podcasts, or read self-help books, but the changes didn’t last.  To really make changes, you need to change your mindset, your habits and your thinking.


You want to love yourself, believe in yourself and thrive.

I'm Janette and I have just the answer for you.

Love, Believe and Thrive is a course for mums like you who want more for themselves and more for their family.  Over 5 weeks, it will move you from overwhelmed, frustrated and lost to confident, resilent, empowered and energised.

Why me?

As a mum of 8 children, I have often felt overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. I was trying to juggle so much that I was forgotten about it the midst of it. I felt as though there was no time for me, and I felt exhausted.

I wanted to be the best mum that I could be, but if I’m brutally honest, I felt as though I was failing. I read parenting books, tried different techniques, but they only had short term impacts on my family and on me.

I was the one who needed change – not my parenting skills or my children – but me, as a person. I realised that I didn’t deeply love myself, that I was holding onto anger from the past and that I didn’t believe in myself.

I learnt about mindfulness and nlp. I worked hard on my mindset. I started to practise self-love techniques. I became kinder to myself and started to live in the present rather than the past or the future.

Making these changes, I became happier, more relaxed and could manage the daily motherhood stresses. I wasn’t triggered by my children and was calmer and in control. As a result, everyone was happier.

In my work with parents, I saw many others feeling the same as I had done – putting on a smile in public, but feeling lost and unsatisfied with life. Gaining qualifications in mindfulness, nlp and positive psychology alongside my own experiences has enabled me to help mums to be happier, more in control and positive

Find yourself. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Thrive.

You deserve it – your family deserve it.

In as little as five weeks, you can:

  • improve your mindset
  • learn to love yourself
  • let go of your anxieties and worries
  • feel more positive and calm
  • take control of your emotions
  • have a happier you and a happier family

The course is delivered through videos and a workbook.  You will also have access to a private Facebook group so that you can chat to other mums on the course as well as having access to a weekly Q&A with me.

Costing just £99 for the full course.


Your Steps to change

Understand the power of self-love and start to use it during your day.  Discover what you really want and why so that you can start to implement changes.


The past can often hold us back, so you are going to work on letting go through forgiveness so that you can move forwards with positivity.


Using daily techniques, you will learn how to stay calm and relaxed despite the stresses that are going on around you, so that you are better equipped to manage them.

Worries and anxieties can easily start to control and paralyse us, so this week will focus on giving you the control back.

Learning techniques are great, but for it to work, it also needs action. We will be looking at how you can implement the changes and keep moving forwards and thriving.

Love, Believe and Thrive

Find yourself. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Thrive.

If you would like to be on the waiting list for the next Love, Believe and Thrive course, just let me know and I will email you when the next course date is released.

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