I’ve Hit the Lockdown Wall

This week, I have felt particularly exhausted. 

I think I hit the lockdown wall.

I haven’t done more than usual, but feeling like I’m continually moving, yet not getting anywhere started to wear me down.

I am so desperate for Spring to arrive, to be able to sit outside with the sun on my face and read a book.  That’s a bit of therapy for me.

Unfortunately, I can’t move Spring or increase the temperature, but I can change what I do to get my bit of therapy so that I can get past the lockdown wall.

Recognising that I have hit a wall and am not feeling myself was the first step towards feeling better.  Unless I notice how I feel and tune into myself, I will stay exactly where I am, and I can’t move forwards.

So, I did my own therapy.  I decided that I would get a bit of zest back by focusing on myself.  I had a bath, listened to some music, read a book (that I felt I didn’t have time for), bought myself a new candle, had one of my favourite meals and watched a film that I have been meaning to watch for ages.  I know it might not sound like much, but small things matter, and it gave me some positivity.

I can’t change the current situation, and I have to acknowledge that I will have days that are total rubbish, but I can also choose to make small changes to give myself a bit of therapy, rather than allowing the situation to overcome me.

Change what you can change and let go of what you can’t.

I’ve Hit the Lockdown Wall
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