I used to lie awake worrying about everything.

It started when I was about ten years old and I would often be awake until the early hours thinking about all the What Ifs.

I would love to tell you that I no longer worry about things, that I live my life in a zen like zone, but I don’t. I still have worries.

The difference is that I can control them rather than them controlling me.
When I start to worry about something, I ask myself, ‘Can I change the outcome?’

If I can, then I do something about it, taking action rather than worrying.

If I can’t, then I write it down. It sounds as though this would make it worse, because I am focusing on worrying, but getting it on paper actually stops the whirlwind of thoughts tht are going around my head so that I can see it clearly.

Once I have written down all my worries, I read them back and objectively look at how realistic they are, whether I can do anything and how much impact it will have on my life. The vast majority of the time, they aren’t realistic and they won’t have a permanent impact on me, so I can move on.

If the worries are still there and I can’t change anything, I do some meditation to help me feel calmer and in control.

Do you have any tips to help with worries?

I used to lie awake worrying about everything.
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