Don’t Always Listen

It’s so easy to be hurt by other people’s words when they are criticising us or putting us down.  But, they’re not always right.  In fact, they are often wrong.

Here are some examples:

Sophie Ellis was told that she had no talent when she was at school.  Look at her now.

Simon Cowell told Will Young that he was ‘distinctly average’ yet he has done very well.

Paul McKenna’s teachers told him that he would amount to nothing.  Look at him now.

Walt Disney was fired from a job because they said he lacked imagination.  I think they were wrong.

Marilyn Monroe was rejected by modelling agencies yet is viewed to be one of the most iconic and beautiful women.

Michael Jordan was cut from his school’s basketball team.  I think they misjudged his talent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was told that his body was too weird, his name too long and he had a funny accent, so he would never become an actor.  Oops.

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe in Friends) was fired from countless acting jobs, being told that she wasn’t ‘right’.

And there’s many more, but instead of listening to to criticism and negative comments, they kept going.  If they had listened to others, we would have missed out on their talent, so it’s a good job that they persevered despite what others’ thought.

It’s the same for you.  If you find people telling you that you have no talent, that you won’t be able to follow your dream or won’t amount to anything, don’t listen.  Have the self-confidence to persevere and keep going. 

Don’t Always Listen
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