Back to School

This week has seen four children return to school – with the last one going back on Monday – and it’s been a little strange after having them at home for so long.  The house is certainly quieter (and tidier), but it’s also been a bit emotional.

At the beginning of lockdown, I didn’t know how it was going to go.  I was working part-time and suddenly had to home educate five children.  Like many parents, it was an anxious and ever changing period of time.  But we made it.  And, over time, we got settled into our new routine and this became ‘normal’.

Now that they have returned, it is a time of change again and another ‘normal’  Again, another adjustment time.  But, we did it before and we can do it again.

There were many positives that have come out of our five and a half months together, even though some days were an uphill struggle, so I am feeling mixed about them returning to school.

While all the children have had to learn the new ‘normal’ at school, for Hannah, she has started a new school, moving into secondary school.  A whole new chapter of her life.  One that I hope is very happy.

I’ll admit that she isn’t going to my first choice of school (or second or third), but I hope that it is the right one for her and that she grows in confidence, independence, empathy and self-awareness.  For me, education isn’t all about the grades, but about growing as a person and learning how to be happy in life.  That’s what I think all parents want – for their child to be happy.

And so as we move into a new era of having our children at school, of now having three children in secondary school, I will hope that they all have positive memories of our time as a family in lockdown, but will now take all the opportunities offered to them in the new ‘norm’.

Back to School
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