Are you constantly busy?

Do you feel constantly busy? Rushing around from one thing to another? Never having time to stop and take a breath?

It’s one thing to be busy doing the things you love—the things that give you joy. It’s quite another to be busy and stressed, overwhelmed, and drained.
I used to be constantly busy and I was constantly trying to pour from an empty cup.

Now, when I feel my cup running low, I take a little extra time to fill it back up.
I know that it’s sounds easy and you are probably sat there thinking that you don’t have the time to fill your cup up but, you don’t always need a lot of time to fill it back up and there’s always a way. For example, I know that I spend time each day scrolling through social media feeds that I could spend having some ‘me time.

So, in your busy life, make some time for something each day that gives you some joy.

Also, don’t allow those things that are keeping you busy to cause you to miss out on the things that truly matter in life.

You might be missing out on an important conversation your teen needs to have or a fun memory with your toddler. You might be missing out on a special moment with your partner or a chance to laugh at something funny.
I’ve certainly been guilty of missing out on things because I’ve said that I was too busy, and I’m willing to bet most of us have, but this isn’t about beating ourselves up for what we have or haven’t done. It’s about loving the ones we are with and putting down our phones, our schedules, and our distractions in order to give both ourselves and those around with us our attention.

You’ve got to know that your value is not tied up in the cakes that you make or in your ability to keep your house spotless. It’s not tied up in how many e-mails you get answered or how quickly you meet that deadline. It’s not measured by the number of homemade dinners, amazingly cute birthday parties, or anything that you can or cannot create.

You are a valuable mother. You are worthy of love, belonging, and happiness.
Your children think that you are amazing, and what matters most to them isn’t your accomplishments but your presence.

They just want to be with you, to be held by you, to hear you laugh.
Your kids see your value, and it’s about time you see it, too.

So take some time out from your busy life to fill your cup up and then let it pour out onto your family.

Are you constantly busy?
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