A Week of Walks

I love walking in nature and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  So, it was great to be able to get out and about last week with some better weather.  We certainly walked a few miles.

We climbed a few rocks and hills to get some amazing views, had fun feeding ducks and playing. We also saw quite a bit of wildlife including a red kite and a lizard.

But, with all of the beautiful scenes and nature, the thing that the children remember the most is me being terrified by a spider that climbed onto my arm when I dared to sit down on the grass. 

I felt a small tickle, looked down and saw it crawling up my arm.  I’ll admit to losing all dignity as I jumped up, screaming, brushing my body frantically, while my phone got thrown in the panic.  In my fear, I forgot about the people surrounding me, but my husband and family filled me in with the details of their stares later. 

Unsurprisingly, the children all found my screaming and mad dancing hilarious and didn’t offer to save me from the spider.

A Week of Walks
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