Fed up of feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed and worried?

You’re not alone. 

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions, from the high moments to the lows.  Managing those peaks and troughs can be difficult though, especially if you feel that the lows are impacting on your life and your family’s life. 

But coaching with me can help you to take back control, build your self-belief and move you forwards to have the life that you deserve.

Coaching sessions will help you to identify what you feel the issues are, give you the space to work out what’s best for you and aid you to evaluate your options.  As a result, you will feel more confident, focused and less overwhelmed by what’s going on in your life.  You will be a calmer and less stressed parent who can give the very best to your family and yourself, meaning that both you and those around you will benefit.

No more exhausted mum who loses her patience and is filled with guilt.  No more overwhelmed mum who is struggling to juggle it all.  No more worried and anxious mum who can’t see a way out.

Instead, coaching can help you to find your inner strength and be the mum that you want to be so that you can give your children your best.

Struggle isn't Sustainable

You don’t want to struggle anymore.  You don’t want to put a mask on and pretend that you’re doing ok.  You don’t want to feel stressed, overwhelmed, worried or frustrated any longer.  You want change.

If you’re wanting a real change in your life, we will work together to get a deeper understanding of yourself and the issues that you want to focus on.  Using my unique Breakthrough System™ which works on your mind and heart, we will take fast action to move you from stuck and overwhelmed to empowered and free. 

My unique Breakthrough System consists of 4 steps that will move you from feeling overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated to feeling a deep inner peace, balanced and full of self love.  Breakthrough what is holding you back and live the life that you deserve.

As I know that we are all different, with each step, I will give you tools so that you can choose which are right to move you forwards.




Before you can move on, it’s important that you allow ourselves to be honest about your thoughts and feelings.  Acknowledging the truth will enable you to be able to have a firm foundation to start your transformation.


Let Go

Being able to release past fears, anger and pain enables you to free yourself from what is holding you back so that you can be who you really are.



Start to make positive responses and actions to situations while uncovering your authentic self to feel balanced, empowered and aligned.


Real Change

Taking fearless action so that you can truely make the breakthrough that you desire, to being happier every day.


Virtual Mentoring

1-2-1 mentoring sessions over zoom at a mutually convenient time to work through your issues for as many or as little number of sessions as you need.

Practical Tools

Mentoring sessions wil give you the tools that you need to implement positive changes in your life and your family relationships.

Fully Insured

For your reassurance, I am fully insured and hold diplomas in NLP, mindfulness and positive psychology.


1-2-1 coaching sessions are £40 an hour and you can have as many or as few sessions as you would like.

from being stuck to Being Free

Ready for your Personal Breakthrough?

If you’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t made the breakthrough that you thought it would, you need to work on you. 

You need to work on your own mind and heart so that you can experience authentic self-transformation, before taking actionable steps to real change.

If you are ready for your breakthrough, let’s go.

Just message me today to take the first step and I will be in contact with available dates and times so you can choose what suits you.

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